Sunday, September 12, 2010

9.12.2010 - day 2

at barely 24 hours old, mikey was taken via the lifeflight team to primary children's hospital to do some GI testing. very traumatic for his mommy and daddy. he threw up some alarming green mucus & that sent everything into a hailstorm. he came back to our hospital shorly after & they decided he has a severe case of reflux. they're keeping him in the NICU for a few days. this afternoon, i came down to nurse him and found him with his IV in his scalp. so sad, but the nurses reassure its just a normal place for babies, so they don't pull it out of their heads.

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  1. Poor thing! I remember when Connor had to have a scalp IV after his veins kept collapsing in his extremities. His nurse called to give us advance warning, but you're right, it's really sad to see! :( Glad to hear he's doing better today. Hang in there, momma!