Friday, September 17, 2010

9.17.2010 - day 7

what a day! last night, mikey's umbilical cord bled. it was hanging by a thread & momma didn't like it one bit. ok. i cried like a baby when i put the baby down to wrap him up tight and found blood on his shirt. then this morning, we took him to the dr at the NICU's request that he be seen this week - sooner than his 2 week checkup. good news: he's doing fine. we'll probably only leave him on the reflux meddies for one round and then hopefully he'll be ok without anything. it was also time for his little snip snip surgery. i couldn't be in the same room. garrett and my dad went in with him. i cried and called my sister for distraction. he has slept most of the day away now, waking only for some drinks. i love looking at his feet while he's eating. they're what i call nursing feet.

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