Saturday, October 16, 2010

10.16.2010 - day 36

5 weeks today!!!  yesterday was a little tough. after the bloody spit up, we had a bunch of bloody poops... i tried to remain calm but it was hard at times. we made a middle of the night call to the pediatrician, a blessing was given, and a lot of sleep was lost [only us, not the baby.] i'm happy to report that his poop is more back to normal today. i read a lot in my baby books last night and found a few things out. one is: reflux babies don't like their car seats because that position puts pressure on their tummy that is painful and they can't squirm their way into comfort. so it isn't just that he's temperamental about it. makes me not want to make him get in the car. ever. two is: often reflux babies can't lay flat for up to 6 months - as long as their reflux ails them. so:  this morning, i dragged garrett to go get this rock and play sleeper because the bassinet that tori loaned to us wasn't getting used. he won't sleep laying flat. and garrett was getting more and more concerned about him sleeping in the bouncy chair all of the time - he could fall out of that thing. probably not now, but soonish. this thing has the goodness of both things. yes, i know we already had both, but this solves the falling out problem and the bassinet sleeping problem all in one. i'm happy now. so long as their is no more blood.

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