Monday, December 13, 2010

12.12.2010 - day 93

we had a mikey miracle! we drove out to eagle mountain for family night with garrett's family & mikey slept the whole way there. we figured out during the drive that it was also his longest car ride yet! right before we left, i fed him and burped him. we were able to get him in his car seat and keep him asleep. the whole drive there, i was waiting and expecting him to wake up and have a fit. but he didn't. all he did right as we were about to turn into garrett's sister's neighborhood was let out one lone cry. i put my hand on his cheek, and he stayed asleep. now, i wish i could say that the trip home was as successful... it wasn't. but he didn't cry the whole time. i won't complain though.

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  1. That is fantastic news!!!!!!!! One of these days he'll be ready for a trip to Dixie.