Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1.11.2011 - day 123

4 months old. holy cow. 

in the last week, he seems to be making some huge changes. 
  • not crying the instant you put him on his tummy. in fact, if you talk to him, he'll even smile. 
  • pretty much not crying in the car anymore. in fact, we drove to richfield today for garrett's aunt's funeral & of the six hours he was in the car, he cried for less than a half hour total time. fantastic!
  • toys. toys. toys. he has two toys that are his favorite because he can get his hands on/in 'em & get them to his mouth. he loves sitting in his bumbo chair and playing with toys. 
friday is his 4 month check up appointment, so i'll put those stats on here then. he's already in bed tonight. we were gone 12 hours. he was pretty good - only fussy when really hungry, i can't complain. except that i miss him so much right now, i wish he wasn't already in bed. i sat in the back seat and smiled at him all day. but i didn't get to hold him like normal, so i feel like i missed him today. i'm crazy. i just love my little boy & love spending my days with him. he sure has made life wonderful for the last 4 months.

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