Saturday, April 2, 2011

4.2.2011 - day 202

introducing: mikey's corner! we've had a lovesac in this corner taking up a ton of space. since mikey was born, i had the idea of getting rid of the sac & making use of that space. this morning, garrett [being the awesome that he is] said he was going to clean all of mikey's toys. new toys from holly and old toys [also from holly] all needed it because of the hand, foot and mouth dilemma. so he got a bucket and some rags and some essential oils & got disinfecting... then he got rid of the lov sac... then he went to target and bought these cool black shelves and baskets... then he came home and built said shelves. i'm thrilled with this space! thanks garrett, all of your hard work today during conference was greatly appreciated!

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