Monday, July 11, 2011

7.11.2011 - day 302

at 10 months, mikey still isn't crawling, but he starting rolling all over the place last week. and if he's laying on his back, he scootches all over, too. he really likes doing tricks - clapping, "so big!", pointing at noses. he gets proud of himself when he does something that you cheer over. he's going to figure out crawling soon, i think. [and kind of hope??? i don't know, i'm torn on that one.] he is still a good eater - whatever cereal we give him with a fruit or veggie, but he's now extremely interested in eating whatever we're eating. we've spent a lot of time at the pool these last few weeks & he loves it. i am so glad he's easy in the pool - it is a nice way to stay cool on these hot summer days.

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