Sunday, February 19, 2012


if you give mikey a pouty bottom lip, this is his response. here's the truth: today was a hard day for all of us. we're all tired after 2 nights of little sleep. mikey's still not feeling well. he's super crabby and pretty fussy. he had about an hour this evening where he played and was "less crabby" and then the rest of the day was spent trying any & every thing to make him stop fussing. we're patient, but as garrett put it tonight "at our wit's end" with it. this reminds me how thankful i am that he's such a happy boy, normally. we're hoping tonight goes better, but not really banking on it. i'll admit that we'll be in bed pretty much as soon as mikey is asleep!

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  1. ...or even before he's asleep...

    Thanks for letting me go to bed at 6:00 p.m.! I really appreciate the sleep, and promise I'll help out tomorrow when you need a few hours!