Tuesday, April 10, 2012


we got an old fashioned donut this morning for my dad. not that he wanted it, he's still being super good with his eating - but because i knew he'd enjoy it. he even had a little 2% milk with it. after i dropped them off, i cried. then i called my sister and she talked me back into reality...  but when i got home, it was so quiet in our house. mikey didn't nap while i ran on the treadmill. when he doesn't nap, that's frustrating. so i decided that the only thing getting me through this day was some in-n-out. it made me feel better & after i was done eating, i wanted to do the shred - crazy, i know. naughty eating for sure, but at least i am back to running and i didn't wimp out on the shred. sometimes you need a little comfort food. well, i do at least. mikey has been fairly grumpy today, probably something to do with the less than an hour nap that he eventually took.  he can't figure out where grandma and grandpa are, he keeps going to the bathroom door, which is shut saying, "no kmpar and gamar"

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  1. Hayley,
    I can totally relate to needing a little comfort food, and then being motivated to exercise! It all balances out right?