Friday, April 6, 2012


when i asked my dad what he wanted to do while he is here, he said he wouldn't mind going for a drive up to henefer, where his grandpa grew up. so after garrett finished work, we headed out. on our way there, when 80 & 84 split, we accidentally took a wrong turn and headed way up 80 towards evanston. in fact, before we could turn around, we were beyond where you can see on the map... finally we turned around and got where we wanted to go. we visited the henefer cemetery and found my dad's great grandfather's grave. we had fun talking some pictures. the middle picture is the "pureblood" picture. the one on the right, of george judd - he was a pioneer. my dad was darling and just oozing with excitment over all of this - he's been on a bit of a family history kick lately. all in all - it was a great trip, even if we had a little detour.

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