Monday, May 14, 2012


mother's day was wonderful, but i have to say - i'm spoiled everyday. i have a fantastic husband. probably one of the best things about the day was that mikey did nursery ok. pretty good even. when i first took him in there, he snuggled in and whined a little. i just sat there and let him feel safe. then i talked him into being interested in some cars. then he got so busy playing that he wasn't even caring about me, so i just kind of left. i didn't sneak out, but i didn't say good bye. this is what i saw when i went to check on him later. no crying. when i went to pick him up, he yelled, "momma!" and came running but he was happy. all in all it did my heart good, i hate leaving a crying baby boy in nursery. we had a nice day. we had a nice weekend. except i gained weight and inches. so that part isn't good. 

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