Monday, August 13, 2012


recovering... slowly. he wasn't asleep in this picture - yet. but almost. within probably 2 minutes he was. he slept there for about a half hour. then even took a nap this afternoon. and even went to bed before 7 tonight. he's still got diarrhea, but today he was hungrier than he has been in days. he's dying for oranges, milk and other things that he really shouldn't have right now. he kept asking for a car ride today - but we stayed home [i left him napping with garrett when i had my dr appointment] and i'm just not brave enough to take him in the car yet. the car is barely starting to smell like febreeze instead of vomit! he's also a grumpy gus! i swear this child has never been so grumpy! we're being patient with him though... and enjoying the extra snuggles that we're getting because of it. 

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