Wednesday, August 22, 2012


the oreck has been smelling worse and worse like burnt rubber lately. last night, i vacuumed and it was overwhelming. so we packed that bad boy up and took it back to costco.  we've only had it since may & if it can't cut it after 3 months - i'm not keeping it. we got this electrolux nimble. garrett got it all set up after mikey went to bed last night. this morning, we gave it a whirl. momma likey! it is definitely heavier than the oreck was, but it was super easy to maneuver. i felt like it did a good job picking up crumbs and i like that the carpet seems plenty fluffed after a good vacuum. [i never really felt like the oreck fluffed that well. it also didn't have height adjustment for our long, shaggish carpet.] hopefully we'll not have problems with the nimble. i'm prepared to never have to buy a vacuum again! p.s. mikey got to help vacuum. he loves that he can push the power button on and off easily. he got turns pushing. he's upset in this picture because i ruined his life and unplugged it. he wasn't ready to part ways for the day yet. he is surviving.

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