Saturday, August 25, 2012


my dad's cardioversion was successful this morning. they shocked his heart back into normal "sinus rhythm" - i think is what that was. he's had an a. fib. problem - an arrhythmia heart problem going where his pulse was unstable and super high for the last few months. put him on a lot of drugs and a high risk for a stroke. [i juse used a lot of words that i don't know exactly if i'm using correctly...] anyway, after the 2nd shock attempt, his heart rate went back to normal. now, we just need to keep our fingers crossed that it sticks - that his heart stays in normal range. i've worried and fretted about him.  a lot. i love that man so much and can't relax when there's even a threat that he's not just right. lets just say i was very relieved to hear the good news. we facetimed a few times yesterday - this picture is when i told him to "be cute".  

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