Tuesday, September 4, 2012


labor day bbq at nana and papa's house. mikey, of course, loved the time with nana and cousins. he also didn't mind the s'mores. nana had the ginormous marshmallows - which we decided might've been overkill. there was just soooooooo much goo. i'd rather bigger pieces of chocolate - but in the end, i still ate it and enjoyed ;) before the bbq, we spent the whole day lazing around - garrett indulging mikey on his every whim; trips to the park, walks to the mail, playing in the car "driving" and even chasing the lawn workers around the block as they trimmed and mowed. all in all, mikey had a fabulous day. 

garrett also FINALLY felt the baby move tonight. that was kind of exciting for me. and him. 

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