Monday, October 22, 2012


garrett took mikey for a walk after work & that's as much "on the town" as we did today. i stayed home and made a delicious little dinner. mikey got to spend a lot of time this weekend with cousins - which was a fantastic time, but it resulted in 3 late nights for him and he doesn't sleep in... in fact, when he's been up late, he tends to wake up earlier than normal. so by this morning, he was tired and grumpy. on top of having a runny nose/teething/cold - who knows. so, he spent the majority of the morning laying on the couch or laying by his toys watching tv while i organized the boys' closet and baby clothes. boy am i proud of that closet now! i had errands to run today, but they didn't happen - maybe tomorrow. you better believe that boy got his nap in today and that he went to bed on time!

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