Wednesday, February 20, 2013


henry's canvas came yesterday.  when mikey was about 2 weeks old, i took a picture of him that i loved and decided that i wanted to have it on display forever. i found a deal online and got this canvas done very inexpensively. [not cheap - low cost, great quality.] i knew before henry was born that i'd want to do the same thing for him. around 2 weeks old, i took a picture of him that i adored... funny thing is - they're both wearing the same mickey mouse onesie. got the same deal from the same website and wah-lah... our headboard is complete with henry now.

i even dusted, dad.

p.s. we were up a lot last night with mikey throwing up, so today was the perfect day to get the display ready while the boys were both napping as we're having a jammie/recovery day around here. it is after noon and we're all still in jammies with no plans to get out of them... pending no one throws up or poops their way out of them. i will feel oddly successful if at bedtime tonight i get to change their clothes for the first time today.

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