Thursday, September 5, 2013


momma no likey this situation. and i'm not just talking about the $80 we had to spend on the epipen... i'm talking about the facts that i learned about food allergies today - how their reactions get more severe each time. how you never know when they'll just stop breathing. the doc told me today that she's had patients lose kids because they didn't realize how serious a food allergy is, that we can never treat it casually. the first time henry reacted to either berries or yogurt, he was broken out within about an hour. yesterday it was less than 15 minutes. benadryl won't do it. he'll need an epi shot and a trip to the doctor's office or ER from here on out. he'll need to be tested for food allergies at an allergist's office when he's one. how he probably has asthma, not just bronchiolitus that isn't getting better. eczema, asthma and food allergies - often are all tied together. they don't know why. stress for me. some serious over protectedness for henry. 

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