Sunday, January 16, 2011

1.15.2011 - day 127

happy birthday, nana! mikey loved seeing you today! 

yesterday, the dr recommended that we try getting mikey to sleep in his crib, with us reporting that his reflux is doing so much better, she said it would be easier to do it now rather than later. he woke up a few times, lightly fussed and went back to sleep. at around 3, he started fussing more - it was escalating & garrett went in to calm him. he sang him a song and put his hand on his cheek and mikey was soothed. garrett even left the room when he was still awake, but he was fine. yahoo! we knew at some point that transition would need to happen, but honestly, i was dreading it. he's been such a good sleeper & i didn't want to mess with it.

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