Saturday, June 30, 2012


i love saturdays. garrett let me sleep in til 7 - an hour past mikey's wake up time. we went on an early walk and found this park to play at - personally, i think it has a few too many big things, mikey can do more at our park. but he enjoyed the walk. then we spent most of the day at nana & papa's where he got to play with madeline and bradley. bradley taught mikey tricks & mikey got to enjoy lots of cookies. tonight, after we put mikey to bed, he woke up and needed a diaper change. he was feeling pretty awake, so i read him some stories and cuddled and tickled him. it was all very sweet & the highlight of my day. then he wanted his daddy to come in and he wanted us all to hug. i love that he loves family hugs. that little boy - he is wonderful. p.s. - i didn't change one diaper today, cause i'm spoiled with a wonderful husband!

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