Sunday, July 1, 2012


garrett got out a cookbook this morning and looked through it. as soon as we got home from church, he put mikey down for a nap and sent me in to read/nap and he got to work. he made from scratch calzones and breadsticks. they had whole wheat flour in them even. they were absolutely delicious. then he cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed the house and completed 2 straight days of diaper changes. i am crying sitting here thinking about how lucky i am to be married to this man. he's such a hard worker and i really appreciate how much he's doing to take care of me, us. i love him. so does mikey. we're sitting her watching the olympic trials tonight - both of us getting really excited for the olympics this summer. last summer olympics we were busy falling in love - this time around we're getting ready for our second baby. life is good, even if pukey. 

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