Sunday, August 12, 2012


mikey woke up saturday morning with no fever. he was acting pretty normal, a little fussy. we debated long and hard about whether we should go to richfield (almost 3 hours away) to go to the family reunion. we decided to go, but we went prepared. barf buckets, towels, extra clothes. the drive down was ok - he didn't sleep and he fussed a lot, but no sickness. during the reunion, his diarrhea was ferocious. it was often and super stinky. we made it to nephi (about halfway home) and he barfed his brains out in the backseat. we pulled over and cleaned up as best we could. the car stunk and he wasn't thrilled about having to sit in his yucky car seat, but we all survived. when we got home, garrett spent an hour cleaning the carseat and car. i bathed the boy and started laundry. all in all - the family reunion was nice, but definitely a mistake for us to go to at that point.

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