Saturday, October 6, 2012


today's assignment: thankful.  i am so thankful for lots of things in my life. i mean, we're not rich & there are times when i'd like to be a little less not rich - but i pretty much wouldn't change much in my life. i am so thankful for a healthy, smart little boy. he is adorable. he took a nap in his big boy bed today. when we went in to get him up, because i could hear him, he was awake - he was still in bed & said, "oh, done?" we had told him to stay in bed & he did. i love what a good listener he is. i'm also thankful for the little boy i'm cooking up. i can't wait to meet him and smell him and hold onto him. and none of these things would be possible if i didn't have garrett... words can't express my feelings there. just know that i am thankful.

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