Tuesday, December 25, 2012


we took a huge risk of infecting all of the ward cousins and went to christmas eve at nana & papa's house. we weren't sure it would even be a good idea and we went prepared to leave at a moment's notice - depending on his mood...  but it turns out that a nana and some cousins are the best medicine for this little boy. he coughed a lot, but he was happier than he's been in days & he ran around like a maniac when he got his new jammies from nana. i have to say, i love their christmas eve traditions. the nativity pagent, cheese soup dinner, & present exchangeare some of my favorite things about christmas now. i'm glad we ended up going - we would've been sad to miss it. nana and papa are so generous with their christmas gifts to everyone, such special traditions and it was fun to see almost everyone in garrett's family for a little while. 

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