Tuesday, December 25, 2012


this christmas morning was unlike any i've ever had...  my sick little boy didn't care about opening presents. he wanted to know where his motorcycle from nana last night was and he wanted to snuggle his daddy. we'd been up for over an hour and he'd barely opened 4 presents.  eventually we took a break and watched a new family movie - the lorax - while mikey and garrett snuggled and i rested for a little bit. [bad news at the dr yesterday, my blood pressure is up even more, i've really gotta be careful - which i have been - these next few weeks. sick baby and husband do not make for a lot of bed rest time...] after the movie, we finished opening presents and mikey was a little more "into it". i love that practically all of his presents are disney - can you tell we're fans o' disney? anyway...  MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

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