Wednesday, December 26, 2012


mikey had another awful night last night. this morning as the three of us were laying in bed, garrett said, "i think we should take him back to the doctor today." i agreed but had been afraid to mention it, lest i look like a lunatic mommy. he tested positive for strep and influenza b. not good. at all. they gave us an antibiotic for the strep, but there's nothing we can do for the flu. both tests were swabs. one in his throat, which he didn't like, but when they went up his nose, he was ticked. he said that the nurse was naughty when she left. he cried. and then he got a little bit of a bloody nose. poor baby. poor garrett - he's been getting up multiple times every night, christmas eve night being the only one he only had to get up only once...  say a little prayer for mikey, we need him getting better quickly!

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