Wednesday, January 2, 2013


just so you know - once the baby comes, i will be doing daily pictures again, for his baby book. for our family book, i'm going to do something simpler this year - i can't do 2 daily pictures. i will do weekly, monthly or even special event layouts & if i can figure out how to share, i will, otherwise i'll just share the pictures that i'm using. i may even do this before the baby comes, if i decide to do a spread. that's all. 

bring on the baby! [well, on the 15th...]

i'm doing project life: baby edition for him for the baby this year. i can't wait. i got the kit for christmas and it is so cute, it is totally overwhelming. i can't wait to get this year's book printed, too - as i did digital project life: clementine edition this year. mama likey project life!

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